Bathtubs as humble as they are, provide a comforting respite. From the time that we were old enough to splash around in the water, the bathtub has been an integral part of life. It has become an object of innovation and invention resulting in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. Learn more about the history and evolution of the bathtub. Die Sommer Spiele mogen vorbei sein, doch mit The Olympic Slots kannst du jeden Tag einen Event der Superlative bewundern und dich sogar daran bereichern.. If a lover- capricorn weekly horoscope is not successful, he or she is most probable to become reconciled to it.. bathtub

History of

Although they were not as elaborate as modern bathtubs, its existence can be dated as far back as 3000 B.C. They were made to look like shallow pools and were, in most cases, a part of a public use facility. They came complete with a draining system, but most had to be filled by using a bucket. There was also a time when hollow trees served as pipes, but the expense was a prohibitive factor. Finally, in the 19th century, cast-iron pipes were invented that made indoor plumbing possible.

The Facts

It is difficult to talk about bathtubs without mentioning the reason why they became so popular. While necessity is the mother of invention, in the bathtub’s case, it was nudged along by the National Public Health Act in 1848. This act allowed for a code that must be followed for the installation of all bathtubs before they could be used in the public bathhouses. Today, plumbers are held to a standard, or code when installing any bathtub anywhere.


The benefits from a bathtub will vary from tub to tub. The different benefits lie in the different amenities that come with the tub. Some are very deep, while others are shallow. Some even have special features to massage the body while laying, or sitting in the water. Still others are made to accommodate more than one person. Other benefits rely on products that can be added to the water for soothing and therapeutic purposes.


The features in today’s bathtub range from a shape specially made to fit your body, to water-jets that shoot the water at the occupant from all sides. One of the newest features on the market is the bathtub with a door in it to accommodate a handicapped person. Other noted features are customized to the consumer’s needs or desires. These include seating at one end of the tub or special rims around the tub to place soap and shampoo.


The average size of a bathtub is about 60 inches in length and 32 inches in width. However, this is only a standard size. Tubs vary in size and shape ranging from the standard size to one that will accommodate a very large person. It online casino is also possible to have one built to suit your specific needs. They are even available shaped as a heart. There are enough different sizes and shapes that it behooves the consumer to do some research before making the final decision.

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