Early in the forth century, the Greek mathematician Pepose declared that the smart shape of honeycomb is the representative of the most effective labor of the nature. online casino . At that time, he guessed “The hexagon honeycomb which mankind can see is made with the least beeswax.” This guess is known as “honeycomb guess.”
Darwin, the famous biologist even insisted “the man must be muddle-headed if he does not pay double tribute when he sees the honeycomb.”


Structural Characteristic

  • Strictly controlled quality updated fore-rolling coating with pre-baking finish process.
  • Option (for colors) /PVDF/polyester surface finish
  • Large dimensional panels (Max 5000mm x 1500mm)
  • High strength no reinforcement measure necessary.
  • Light weight: Weight of 25mm thickness honeycomb panel is 5.6kg/m2
  • Precise dimension and roller-pressing technology, which ensure the high quality of the products.
  • Absolute flatness of the surface makes installation easier and the fast “cut the garment according to the figure” productive way will ensure the quality of each piece of the products and minimize the wastage of raw materials.
  • Perfect installation system, which can eliminate the panel distortion caused by the temperature changes. Therefore, the sealing against the gas or water leakages will be ensured. The unique sealing installation system looks graceful in shape. Besides, it can effectively avoid the reduction of the lifetime of the sealing glues due to the direct radiation. Furthermore, the lower installation requirements will allow the panels to be installed on various keels.
  • Excellent productive capability irregular panels such as arc-shaped, folded and trapezoid panels will be designed and produced as per the special designing requirements. The non-plane irregular panels including arc shape, L-shape, U-shape are formed in one mould.
  • No color difference: The same lot roller-coated aluminum sheets are to be used for one project. Meanwhile the reasonable interior wall and ceiling installation will ensure each panel sheet to be easily and separately dismantled for maintenance service.

Features of honeycomb:

Excellent Strength

The unique Honeycomb structure features many interconnecting shapes creating a very strong panel, resistant to adverse weather conditions and other pressures

Exceptionally Flat Surface

The aluminum surface panel is supported by the unique Honeycomb vertical cell structure therefore producing an exceptionally flat panel, available in various colours

Light Weight

Unlike other composite panels featuring a solid core, the Honeycomb structure in our panel dramatically reduces the weight of the finished product.

Insulating and Sound Proof

The Honeycomb structure absorbs sound well and can be used in sound damping and sound proofing applications. The structure will also act as an insulating material.

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