A towel ring or a towel bar can be a simple addition to bathroom remodel, or something that makes a dramatic statement. It can be functional or add some extra benefits in using towels. To place your towel ring or towel online casino bar properly can add a “pro effect” to your bathroom.

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Towel Rings

A towel ring is a circular hoop for holding a towel. They are most often used in guest baths, typically placed alongside the sink. Keep in mind that many of the new towel rings on the market are stylish designs, making them a beautiful focal point in a small bath. It’s better to hang the towel ring at a comfort level for those typically using the bath, including children or seniors. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 18 inches below a towel ring so a hand towel can hang freely.

Towel Bars

towel-bar-A Towel Bar is a rack specifically made to hang a towel on. Standard towel bar lengths are 18 and 24 inches. Hang the bar at a comfortable height of 48 inches above the floor, making sure to leave enough space below the bars for towels to hang freely. casino . If the towel bar is hung in a children’s bath, hang the bar at a height of 36 inches. In either case, be sure to consider the location of electrical switches and outlets when hanging your towel bars.

If you want to add a stylish element to the bath, double towel bars are an ideal accessory. In addition, double towel bars are perfect for a family bath, as a number of towels can be hung on the accessory.

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