One Ms Lee had been troubled by a kind of skin diseases at home for a long time. Doctor Ed didn’t know why at first. After some deeper inquiry, he learned that when she traveled to some places out of home, the symptom would somehow disappear. So he suggested that the house plumbing might be a buried factor for the disease. Originally Ms Lee had the habit of daily baths, but the acidic water, together with the copper hot water pipe, would lead the copper ions encountering a lot of acid release into the bathtub. When these copper ions adhered to her sensitive skin, hazard would take advantage of this weak point.

Don’t let the house become a killer of your health. When you choose the building hardware, remember to pay some attention to the material made of the hardware. In this post, one of the pipe material –galvanized steel or iron is going to be introduced.

Galvanized_PipeGalvanized steel or iron was the traditional piping material in the plumbing industry for the conveyance of water and wastewater. The term ‘galvanizing’ once referred to hot dipped galvanizing, in order words total immersion in molten zinc after pretreatment cleaning. This technology afforded a reasonable level of internal and external protection to the metal pipe. In more recent times, the use of electroplating technologies has provided a more recent times, the use of electroplating technologies has provided a more attractive external finish, but little or no internal protection. Although still included in many codes of practice throughout the world, the popularity of galvanized piping is declining. It is still being used extensively in the fire protection industry, but overall there are increasing limitations on how and where galvanized steel or iron piping is connected to dissimilar materials, such as copper alloy(brass) in taps and valves. Internal corrosion can add iron, which causes an undesirable taste and may also cause unsightly precipitation of iron salts on clothes. Aesthetics guidelines contained in the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water quality address these matters.

detox pills powers)..com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/hot_dipped_galvanized_pipe.jpg”>hot_dipped_galvanized_pipeThe use of galvanized steel or iron as a conduit for drinking-water is a greater problem where the water flow is slow or static for periods of time due to rust discoloration caused by internal corrosion. Galvanized steel or iron piping may also impart an unpalatable taste and smell to the water conveyed under corrosive condition. Galvanized steel piping systems are generally accepted for outdoor use, but because of the size or bulk of the pipe and fittings, and the inflexibility of such systems overall, the material is not desirable for internal water plumbing. Galvanized pipe is heavy to handle and is generally joined by threading and screwing the components together. This is a lengthy procedure when compared to the assembly of competing non-metallic pipework systems.

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